BREUER | Degreasing

There are different requiremnts on residual oil- and dirt content after cleaning and degreasing, which are depending on the next process step. Strip Cleaning and Degreasing after Grinding is a very common application and BREUER has developed a system of spray cleaning and brush cleaning with the use of hot water

Degreasing after Grinding

Strip Dryer

Pump Unit


Degreasing with hot water

Cascade Rinsing

Spray Cleaning

Degreasing with Hot Water

Both brush cleaning and spray cleaning have been shown to work most effective in BREUER degreasing units. Hot water or hot detergent is used for the cleaning process. Rinsing is done with hot water cascade system. Of course, the media treatment is as important as the process equipment. A proper media circuit requires not only tanks, pump station and heat exchangers. Also filter units, oil skimmer and demister need to be part of the circuit. Modern visualisation system allow the operator to run the degreasing unit in fully automatic mode. All important information like tank levels, temperatures, work loads, brush speeds, etc. will be display on the HMI.

Strip Degreasing Line

Hot water or lye is used as the medium. In addition to pump stations, heat exchangers and tanks, a functioning media circuit also includes powerful filters, oil separators and an extraction system with droplet and condensate separators.