BREUER | Brushing

Decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology are characterising BREUER brushing machines. Thinnest strips of 0,05 mm to heavy gauge hot strips up 25 mm thickness and width from 50 to 2200 mm is covered by the product range of our brushing machines. BREUER develops and supplies brushing machines for the following applications:

Brushing before Cladding

Strip Brushing Line

6-Head Brushing Line

Cleaning of Strip Surface

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing of steel or aluminum is a proven technology in production of cladded materials of bearings or electronic parts. Before the strips are cladded in a rolling mill, the surface will be roughened and mechanically activated by brushing with steel wire brushes. BREUER designs and manufactures special machines for this application. Special attention is paid to the dust exhaust and filtration system.

Another application: During processing of heavy plates in a cut to length line a lot of scale will form loose parts during bending and deflecting of the strip surface. This scale causes dirt contamination in the following aggregates (flattener, shear, etc.) and increase the downtime due to frequent cleaning cycles. BREUER has developed a heavy duty brushing machine, especially for this application, i.e. removing of loose scale from the surface. A combination of rotating brushes and high efficient exhaust system form the key equipment of this machine

Wet Brushing

BREUER supplies wet type brushing machine to remove annealing colours and light surface defects. These machines work with abrasive brushes from non woven fabric or abrasive filaments. Water spray is used to cool the process and to clean the surface.

Brush Rolls

Brush Rolls are the tools of a brushing machine and therefore important for a sucessfull process. Nylon Brushes, Steel wire Brushes as well as Abrasive Brushes are applied for different kind of application.