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BREUER supplies single surface processing machines and also complete lines. The necessary ancillaries are specially designed or selected to fit with the process part. The scope of supply includes:
– Coiling Equipment incl. Flatteners, Shears and Pinch Rolls
– Coolant Filtration Units incl. Sludge Treatment
– Exhaust Units for oil mist or emulsion
– Dust Exhaust Units
– Fire Detection and Extinguishing Units
– Electrical Control System

Coolan Filtration Units

Wet grinding works with emulsion or mineral oil as a coolant media. Not only the heattransfer but also lubricating the cutting process and washing away the swarf is the major task of the coolant.

The coolant needs to be filtraded, cleaned and cooled by sphisticated coolant filtration units. Usually vacuum belt filters or pressure belt filters are used for coil grinding lines.

Pressure Belt Filter with sludge press

Vacuum Filter

Scheme of Vacuum Filter

Pump Group

Filter Paper

Filter Cake

Backflush Filter

Compensation Tank

Sludge Briquetters

With BREUER high performance grinding machines highest material removal will be achieved. Up to 500 kg/h of sludge need to be disposed. Sludge Presses will form briquettes out of wet sludge and reduce the liquid content below 8%

Sludge Press


Collecting Hopper

Sludge Press

Filter and Briquetting Press

Mist Exhaust System

Exhaust and filtration of mist either from oil or emulsion is indispensable in order to protect the environment and to fulfill health regulations. The exhausted air from the grinders and from the tanks will be filtered in different stages. The separated liquid will be guided back to the coolant circulation system. Exhaust Systems for coil grinding lines are usually designed as central units with a volume flow of approx. 50.000 m3/h.
Exhaust units for buffing or brushing machines are designed to clean the exhausted air from dust and particles. Dry processing of aluminum and aluminum alloys is linked to a high risk of fire and explosion. These are categorized in explosion classes St 1 to St 2, depending on grit size distribution, degree of oxidation, humidity and consistence. The risk of explosion or fire is increased through the accumulation of this dust in machining chambers, particularly where classical dry suction extraction systems are involved. Special attention need to be paid to the exhaust system.

Filter Unit

Filter Unit




Wet type Exhauster

Fire Fighting System

Fire Protection Units

Grinding with oil always creates a risk of fire. Therefore, all grinding lines, which use oil as a coolant, work with modern fire detection and extinguishing systems. The detection of a fire in automatic mode is realized with sensitive heat detectors or in combination with flame detectors. These sensors are mounted inside the grinding cabin to detect the fire in a very early stage. Extinguishing with CO2 or spray water flushing will work efficiently to stop the fire and to protect equipment and environment.
Modern Fire Control Panel protect single machines or zones and areas. They communicate with fire fighting system of the plant and exchange important information. BREUER designs fire detection and extinguishing system in partnership with well known and experienced suppliers. Necessary certificates are available and local regulation will be considered.

High Pressure CO2 Bottles

Low Pressure CO2 Tank

Fire Control Panel

CO2 Testing

Terminal Equipment

BREUER coil grinding line and grinding & polishing line are designed and supplied including terminal equipment, i.e. entry and exit section. A high level of automation and well proven technology is the basis for superior quality and top availability.





Strip Position Control

Crop Shear

Pinch Roll